How a Mouth Guard Protects

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Do you or your child participate in sports? Dr. Ross and Chmiel may recommend a sports mouth guard in Franklin, Wisconsin, especially if you or your child participates in contact sports. A mouth guard is piece of plastic that is molded to fit around your upper teeth. When worn over the teeth, mouth guards help protect you from injury to the mouth.

Sports Injuries
When an individual participates in sports (high impact, low impact, and even no impact), they are at risk for dental injury. Potential injuries to the mouth include:

– Cuts to the lip or cheek
– Chipped, broken, or cracked teeth
– Damage to a tooth root
– Broken jaw
– Damaged restorations

Some sports, including football and boxing, require the use of mouth guards. However, most athletes can benefit from a mouth guard.

Mouth Guard Protection
If you wear a mouth guard when you participate in sports, the mouth guard can absorb the force of impact to the mouth and the surrounding area before the force reaches the teeth. Mouth guards are made of a resilient material and are worn over the upper teeth. They offer protection to the teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw. The ADA states that when a person receives a blow to the face or when he or she falls onto a hard surface, a mouth guard can redistribute the force of the impact, thus reducing the chance of significant injury.

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